Reclaim your strength, resilience and zest for life... with the power of
the breath - the cold
the now


The Breath Connection is all about bringing back your zest for life. We work with you to combat those stress levels and to help you feel more grounded and at peace from the inside out. With a variety of breathwork courses, The Breath Connection advocates for conscious breathing, cold water therapy, good nutrition and the power of living in the moment. All of our courses use these tools to help you find harmony with the breath and get back in touch with your physical body. Plus, our live workshops and ‘reset retreats’ are the perfect antidote to a stressed mind and body, helping to rebalance the nervous system and allow you to live more mindfully and with more intention.

A bit more about us

Sam Murray, a former Royal Marine Commando battled the black dog of depression and ended up finding his love of breathwork through the Wim Hof Method. Then, in 2020, Sam met Miranda Bailey, a Nutritional Therapist and Breathwork Practitioner and the two realised their shared love of the breath and its transformational properties. Sam and Miranda soon created The Breath Connection and have now created a number of courses and retreats to help others unlock the power of the breath, helping individuals garner greater resilience and reduce their stress – both within the general community, and also within the Armed Forces, the Police and other Blue Light Services.

At The Breath Connection, we recognise that stress can be debilitating, but together we aim to help you to:

Breathe | Connect | Thrive​